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Get your U.S. Green Card with an EB-5 Visa 

Invest $800,000 or $1,050,000 into one of our projects, 100% compliant with the EB-5 Investor Visa Program, and receive a Green Card for you and your family.


The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa is a U.S. government program that encourages new investment in job-creating businesses. By making an eligible EB-5 investment that creates at least 10 new U.S. jobs, the foreign investor and his or her immediate family are eligible to receive permanent U.S. residency and immigrate to the U.S.

Regional CentersCurrent Status

In March 2022, Congress enacted the Reform and Integrity Act, which reauthorized and revamped the system governing regional centers — entities that pool investments from foreign visa applicants to promote job growth in the United States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) interpreted the Act as unequivocally deauthorizing the 600-plus previously authorized regional centers. The agency thus announced that the existing regional centers were deauthorized.

A lawsuit was filed challenging USCIS' interpretation of the Reform and Integrity Act. On June 26th, a federal court judge in the Northern District of California issued a temporary injunction vs. USCIS.  Consequently, Regional Centers are  for now back in business and currently permitted to operate business as usual.


The injunction, however, is only temporary. This means that it is not a permanent decision. We will continue to offer our direct projects which afford certainty and stability as the direct program is permanent.  Due to the lawsuit's pending nature we cannot guarantee how long regional center opportunities will last.



Employment Flexibility

Work or start a business anywhere in the U.S.; change location as often as you like

Higher Admission Rates at Top Schools

Increase the odds of children’s admission to top colleges and graduate school

Medicare Health Insurance Benefits

Receive health insurance benefits if you are at least 65 years old and have held your green card for at least 5 years

Residence Flexibility

Live anywhere in the U.S.; change location as often as you like

Lower Tuition Costs

Pay significantly less for children’s tuition for college and graduate school

Superior Healthcare

Gain access to the most technologically advanced health care services only available in the U.S.

Permanent Resident Status

Renew your green card every 10 years, indefinitely

Safeguard Hard-earned Investment Funds

Protect funds with a passive investment and a successful immigration process

Social Security Financial Benefits

Receive retirement benefits in the form of supplemental income after contributing to the Social Security program

Travel Flexibility

Leave and enter the U.S. freely; no visa required

Backup Plan for Instability

Secure a safe haven during political instability or economic volatility at home

U.S. Citizenship Through Naturalization

Optional path to become a U.S. citizen after 5 years

We help foreign investors obtain U.S. permanent residency by investing in established and well-respected U.S. businesses.

Why Direct EB-5

Direct Means Permanent


First Repayment Position

The EB-5 Regional Center program is temporary and subject to re authorization by Congress. It has  historically been a punching bag for anti-immigrant politicians. The latest lapse of the regional center program from June 30, 2021 until March 15, 2022 left investors stranded, projects stalled  and families waiting far longer than expected for their capital to be returned and their permanent green cards to be issued. EB-5 direct is built into the Immigration and Nationality Act and therefore not subject to re-authorization or change--which ultimately means investor safety and program continuity. 

One of the primary purposes of EB-5 was to create real jobs for American citizens which would in turn stimulate  the United States economy. EB-5 direct has a minimum requirement of creating ten new full-time jobs per investor. The EB-5 Regional Center program conversely counts jobs using an economic formula which calculates indirect jobs via revenue and/or expenditures. These economic formulas are subject to interpretation by USCIS officials. With EB-5 direct projects, job creation is simple and transparent to USCIS.

Most Regional Center projects put EB-5 investors in a subordinate position to other investors. Typically this is because Regional Center projects are financed through bank loans which require the project to pledge collateral in the event they default on the loan. Investors are therefore left without security.  In most direct EB-5 projects the investors are in a priority position and the first to be repaid. Direct projects currently cannot be comprised of pooled investor capital and therefore the projects are usually of a smaller scale. This makes it far more likely for the EB-5 investor to be paid back first because the initial capital contribution represents a greater portion of the raise than in regional center projects.

The EB-5 Process for Investors






Once an investor selects an EB-5 project, they would deposit the appropriate amount of capital into an escrow account or directly into the project. The investor must then submit an I-526; the form to petition by immigrant investor. The I-526 has two parts: showing how the investor acquired the capital used in his/her EB-5 investment, and explaining the project to USCIS, the overseeing agency that controls EB-5 policy.

After the I-526 is approved (which can take between one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years), the investor would then file an I-485; the application to register permanent resident or adjust status. Once the I-485 is approved, conditional permanent residency will be granted to the investor for two years. If the investor has filed an I-526 from outside the U.S. and remains abroad, the investor applies for an immigrant visa at the U.S. consulate abroad upon approval of the I-526.

Alternatively, if the petitioner is currently in the United States when they decide to enroll in the EB-5 program, and wish to remain in the United States through their I-526 application process, they can now do so through concurrent filing. Concurrent filing allows prospective investors to file their I-485 at the same time as the I-526. While this does not grant the petitioner their green card earlier than they would receive it otherwise, it grants them the ability to remain in the United States throughout the process instead of waiting until their I-526 has been approved.

Within the last 90 days of the second year of the conditional residency to the United States, an I-829 form is filed to remove the temporary conditions of the permanent resident status. The I-829 shows that the jobs were created and confirms the capital remained invested in the business the whole time. Once the I-829 is approved, the conditions of the permanent resident are removed, and the investor becomes a permanent resident.

Once the I-829 is filed, the investor's EB-5 capital contribution can be returned. If an investor has a preferred return, the appropriate amount will be distributed each year until repayment of the full capital contribution. The process in its entirety takes about six years.


EB-5 Investment Opportunities
Currently Available

Updated as of July 2022

Investment Opportunities


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Petition for US Residency Immediately

EB-5 Investors can take advantage of "Concurrent Filing" and move to the U.S. quicker than ever before!

"Concurrent Filing" is the most beneficial change in the updated EB-5 laws. For the first time, EB-5 investors present in the U.S. on non-immigrant visas may apply for adjustment of status (form I-485) at the same time as they apply to become an investor (form I-526). Previously, investors needed to wait until their I-526's were approved--sometimes up to two years before they can live in the U.S. as a conditional resident. Now an investor present in the U.S. can immediately file and remain in the U.S. while their conditional residency is pending. While present, investors are also entitled to receive a work and travel permit.

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